Legend Petroleum believes strong HSEQ performance is a foundation and an essential part of operating a successful oil and gas company.   We expect everybody (individuals and companies) involved in our operations to adhere to our HSEQ Policy and take responsibility for their own and their teams safety and encourage safe work behaviour.  We have an assurance process in place to make sure any contractor working in our Licence areas meet our HSEQ expectations.

The company has an efficient HSEQ Management System that includes a strong risk management process and operations will only proceed once all HSEQ risks have been identified, evaluated, understood and appropriately mitigated.

Link to Legend Petroleum HSEQ Policy


Legend Petroleum operates a STOP WORK AUTHORITY and the Board empowers individuals working on behalf of Legend to STOP any work that they believe is unsafe.   Work will only resume once risks are understood and appropriate safeguards have been taken.