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Legend Petroleum Awarded Three Blocks

LONDON, UK : 23 May 2018 | Legend Petroleum (UK) Ltd. has been offered three blocks in the 30th UK Licensing Round.

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Licence Application Submitted

LONDON, UK : 21 November 2017 | Legend Petroleum has submitted its first licence application in the UK 30th Licensing Round.

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Executive Summary

Legend Petroleum is an oil and gas company with focus on the full life cycle (exploration, development, production and decommissioning) and formed by a team of energy industry professionals with extensive global experience from major operators. We have the skills and expertise to efficiently manage all phases in an asset life cycle.

Our goal is to create superior investment returns from mature production areas through realising exploration upside by applying advanced technologies to provide a unique competitive edge.

Our initial focus is to seek exploration licences in mature areas of the North Sea region.

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Our Business Model

Legend Petroleum is a private oil and gas company focusing on the use of CSEM to maximise returns in mature basins and other suitable geological contexts.  Our initial focus for licence acquisition is in the North Sea region.

Our business model is to explore, appraise, develop and produce oil and gas in mature areas leveraging on our unique expertise to address the specific challenges faced in such areas. We will use CSEM to assess the commercial potential of remaining resources in the exploration phase.  We will deploy innovative engineering and development solutions and alternative operational strategies for production and for assets nearing end-of-life.

Our History

Legend Petroleum was founded in November 2017 and registered in the UK.  It represents a collaboration of two groups of experienced oil industry professional individuals: one from the exploration side, and the other from an operational and HSEQ background. Together, they realised that bringing together the scientific and engineering knowledge and experience into a united entity made good technical and economic sense, and could provide a junior player with the strength, skills and knowledge of a much larger one.

The Legend Petroleum history has just begun, but we have already been awarded three blocks in the UK sector of the North Sea. To build up our portfolio, other potential prospects are in the process of being identified and initial assessment is under way.

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